Drone Service

With more than 10 years of experience, Dost Group provides fast, reliable and fully automatic Drone inspection without interrupting your business activities. Industrial inspections often require a lot of equipment, dangerous climbs and trained manpower for routine checks. With this scenario, both time and economic costs are quite high. However, Dost Group provides you with dynamic solutions and professional inspection service. Fully autonomous drone systems are lower cost solution in dangerous and hard to reach areas. Dost Drone systems reduce the time takes to review and report the images acquired from the air with AI supported cloud software solutions. We have end-to-end drone solution for every industry.

Inspection of wind turbines

Analysis and control of the rotor blades and the nacelle for damage or leaks Complete Automated and AI Supported Inspection under 40 min/Turbine

Inspection of solar systems

Finding hotspots and thermal abnormalities to optimize plant performance


Measurement of the surface temperature using radiometric thermal imagers

Inspection of industrial plants

Corridor and facade mapping for the digital recording of buildings and industrial plants.

Inspection of high-voltage lines

3D scanning using Lidar to examine high-voltage lines

Roof inspections

Flying over roof areas to find damage, water accumulation, etc.

Inspection of power plants

Safe drone technology for inspection flights under high security requirements