On offshore construction sites, the coordination of all personnel, organisational and technical measures is of decisive importance in our field of activity.

The extreme conditions on mobile drilling stations (drilling ships), drilling platforms and on offshore wind turbines require special procedures both in terms of logistics and the technologies and materials used.

Offshore plants are exposed to permanent moisture with high salt loads, mechanical stress due to swell and limited accessibility.

In addition to the stresses caused by the high wind speeds, the turbines must be protected against the salty ambient air, in particular with corrosion protection.

Improper execution of the conservation work and insufficient steel preparation are major causes of premature failure of corrosion protection systems.

The remedy for ensuring the long-lasting protection of towers and platforms against corrosion is a comprehensive and detailed knowledge of the interrelationships between corrosion, stresses, corrosion-protective constructions, material specifications and application techniques.

The DOST GROUP is specialized in the field of (new) production of wind turbines as well as in the repair of components of wind turbines, drilling ships, production plants and oil platforms. Our services range from the coating of rotor blades and complete components such as towers and nacelles, inspection and repair, the manufacturing process, laminating to maintenance and repair work of all offshore installations.

Our range of services also includes universal filling and cleaning work, high-pressure cleaning, manual and mechanical sanding, sandblasting and the application of high-quality coating techniques and protective films.

Our obligations also include ensuring and complying with preventive measures and the legal requirements for construction sites.

Our work quality is carried out in strict compliance with all necessary regulations and quality standards and is implemented in a process-oriented manner on the basis of DIN ISO 9001.