Yacht finishing

Yacht Finishing” is a part of the entire range of services of the DOST GROUP. It is one of the top disciplines of our special fields. Requires not only high-quality coating work carried out by competent and expert personnel, but also an unsurpassable instinctive feeling to put these particularly impressive prestige objects into a flawless and completed condition.

In numerous demanding large-scale projects of well-known clients the DOST GROUP continues to convincingly implement exquisite corrosion protection and the implementation of special solutions for finishing.

Our practical range includes, to name only a fraction of our reference list, a multitude of luxurious mega yachts such as the Omar (156 m), the “A” (formerly White Pearl with 143 m), the Octopus (126 m), the Pelorus (115 m) and the Le Grande Bleu (114 m).

Our service meets an extremely high standard with all-inclusive filling and cleaning work, high-pressure cleaning, manual and mechanical sanding and the application of high-quality coating techniques.

With regularly expanded expert knowledge of our employees and the flexibility to effortlessly increase the number and scope of our manpower at short notice we are in close contact with our clients.

The quality of our work is carried out in strict compliance with all necessary regulations and quality standards and is implemented in a process-oriented manner on the basis of DIN ISO 9001.