The corrosion protection of wind energy components is of decisive importance when using the turbines.

In recent years, wind energy has made a triumphant advance all over the world. The economic and ecological use of wind power plants has long been developing into a rapidly increasing production factor, and will continue to do so in the future with its increasingly profitable technology. Large parts of the landscape are literally used to provide installation space for wind turbines. In addition, renewable energy sources are becoming more and more important in view of the global warming of the earth. 

Wind power plant maintenance requires timely intervention through professional application and optimization of corrosion protection systems in order to properly carry out the conservation work and to ensure proper steel preparation.

The remedy for ensuring the long-lasting protection of towers and platforms against corrosion is a comprehensive and detailed knowledge of the interrelationships between corrosion, stresses, corrosion-protective constructions, material specifications and application techniques.

The DOST GROUP is specialized in the field of (new) production as well as repair of wind turbine components. Our services range from the coating of rotor blades and complete components, such as towers and nacelles, inspection and repair, the manufacturing process, laminating to maintenance and repair work.

Our range of services also includes universal filling and cleaning work, high-pressure cleaning, manual and mechanical sanding, sandblasting and the application of high-quality coating techniques and protective films.

Our quality of work is carried out in strict compliance with all necessary regulations and quality standards and is implemented in a process-oriented manner on the basis of DIN ISO 9001.

We know too well that only running wind turbines are profitable