We understand the field of maritime corrosion protection for passenger ships, high-speed ferries, container ships, tankers, frigates, corvettes, car carriers and offshore installations, as well as our other fields of application, as a specialist area that requires both technical and professional solution competence.

In this environment, surfaces only comply with the applicable regulations when they are protected. If they are not both their functionality and their service life are impaired if not limited in time. What needs to be ensured here is high-quality surface protection as a guarantee for lasting value retention.   

In this field the DOST GROUP is your partner with many years of experience and a competent team of employees. Our extensive understanding of effective protective measures to avoid or regulate aggressive corrosion effects in a rough weather environment has proven itself many times over and provided our clients with the desired solutions and results. 

The expert knowledge of our staff and our flexibility in the short-term deployment of required manpower have always accompanied and satisfied our partners in joint projects efficiently and successfully.

Our quality of work is carried out in strict compliance with all necessary regulations and quality standards and is implemented in a process-oriented manner on the basis of DIN ISO 9001.