Professional corrosion protection, which is carried out professionally and systematically, prevents the destruction of valuable materials.

With high quality, innovative coating technology and a team of highly qualified and experienced employees the DOST GROUP ensures the preservation of value of new and existing industrial and chemical plants, hall constructions, bridges, pipelines, tank installations and containers: functional and aesthetic, economical and innovative, sustainable and safe.

Our expertise includes structural steel work, such as grinding, mechanical and manual rust removal and high-pressure cleaning, and especially passive corrosion protection by inorganic and metallic coatings.

Our trademark is our demand for an innovative and individual service, which is based on the needs and wishes of our customers and is supported by the professionalism of our competent specialist staff, whose quality standards and reliability in implementation meet exactly these requirements.

Meet with our expert knowledge and the flexibility to quickly and easily increase the number and scope of our manpower.

The feedback we receive from our customers across Europe has proved this.